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Amaia Mancisidor

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Paseo de los Basilios 2 bis
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Iñaki González

Christmas Campaign (Eguberri kanpaina) in Hirukide usually takes place after the holiday week-end in December. The campaign is focused in two projects, we are especially familiar with, which are carried out in Tolosa: The temporary residents’ Foster (Abegi) and Caritas.

During this campaign, food and Christmas products are collected, and later shared among the people who gets into Abegi and Caritas. We also try to make all the School staff aware of this kind of social situations.

Sendotzen I is the group in charge of promoting the campaign in the school and its environment (presentations to students, product collection, settings…). During the campaign, these young people have the opportunity to know the project “in situ” and to collaborate in the Foster work.