New facilities at Kamda School (India)

The Kamda school has recently inaugurated the latest improvements to its facilities, which come as a result of the solidarity campaign organised two years ago in favour of this school in the northeast of India. Boys and girls can now enjoy new sports areas, including a new football ground and a hockey ground, as well as multi-purpose stadium that will be used to watch the sports, hold school events, as well as be used as a bicycle parking lot in this school where more than 100 students go to school on this means of transport. Other improvements have also been made, such as tiling the central courtyard of the school, building a roof that protects the access to the boarding school, and so on. Much needed improvements for a school in a rural area that is affected annually during the monsoon season.

These works are a second phase after the construction of a library, a computer classroom and a laboratory in summer 2017.