Meeting of the Board of Trustees: approval of the budget and Itaka-Escolapios Network data

On 29 June the Board of Trustees of Itaka-Escolapios held a new meeting in ordinary session. At the meeting, after the initial prayer, the minutes of the previous meeting (held on 5 April) were approved and the main point was the study and approval of the budget of the Itaka-Escolapios Foundation for the next academic year 2023-2024. In addition to other agreements for the consideration and approval of the Board of Trustees, the current situation of the Itaka-Escolapios Network was reviewed and the process towards the V Advisory Council, which will take place in May 2024, began to be designed. The meeting ended with a question and answer session for the trustees.

In the point of economic information, in addition to the budget for the next academic year, the consolidated economic information of the Itaka-Escolapios Network for the financial year 2021-2022 was presented. The figures presented and available in the transparency section (in Spanish and English for the moment) help us to understand the precious Piarist mission of the international Itaka-Escolapios Network, of which we only mention the 40,038 participants in the projects, 2,222 volunteers, more than a thousand collaborating partners, 910 professionals, presence in 19 countries and more than 70 places…..

With these data we do not intend to boast, but to point out the responsibility we assume and to thank those who make it possible for the world to be a better place through these actions.