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Through Itaka-Escolapios Foundation we will share a mission in different countries like Cameroun, Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Spain… by showing education as a best way of transforming the world.

In the said the countries their realities, context and necessities are very diverse, thus through the dynamics of LOOK AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND we want to invite you to open your eyes and discover what’s in there behind of works of the Piarists.

In every index card you will learn how projects are, where the Piarists do their works: the country, the city and the barrio where it is located, the families, the children in which we had our activities, their educational reality (school, boarding house, cultural center…) and how do they spend their free time.

Looking at the different context through the information that is proportionate to the person in different countries where the presence of the Piarists are located, it will help us understand their reality and we can also see it from their eyes.

The activity can also be done with the work of every child by creating his/her index card of LOOK AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND and where they will describe their own reality. Depending on the age of the child, it can be done with drawings, images or information…    

Pinchando en los símbolos que representan a cada uno de los países podrás descargarte las fichas de actividad:



Indonesia bolivia brasil

cm   Nicaragua  Dominicana  Venezuela


India en Asia Map Indonesia Dominicana en Centro América Nicaragua en Centro América Bolivia en Sudamérica Brasil en Sudamérica Venezuela en Sudamérica camerun en Africa


Map India  Map Indonesia Map Bolivia . Map Brasil Map Nicaragua Map Domincana   Map Venezuela Map Camerún