The way in which adults and minors see the reality differently from each other, for example what seems like a great problem from the other can rarely exists from the eyes of the other one and vice versa.

With respect to the reality of the children, the adult´s tend to look at it by looking from top to bottom. While the children on the other hand, they look towards up by moving their eyes. Hence we look from the different point of view. Thus what is seems to be lacking is in reality a great opportunity if all of us we will make an effort to look by using the eyes that surrounds us.

We propose a game that will oblige us to be aware of the place from which we look at life and to know the way in which the children see their reality.

We invite you to generate a great exposition of the “total realities” that we can share through internet and physically in those places that are possible. We will make a toy camera in which we can focus the reality and we will take photos and then we will exchange them with the other Piarists schools. You can see the cards that are coming to ITAKA-ESCOLAPIOS, blogging:


–                     Cameras: The students of our schools can make a photo camera made of cardboard or paper, through which they can look their educational reality, and then they will frame those photos that they like most in their school or those photos that they like to exchange with other schools. Do you like the activity? The cameras that you are going the make are beautiful? Take some photos of your students making it or looking at the reality to be focus on. You can share them through

–                     Photographs: Let’s all learn to look below 1 meter high and we will take Photographs to those that we wanted to share by using Photo cameras, mobile phones, tablets or other means of taking pictures. Take photos that show you doing assignments or studying. How do you use your time when you are not in school? Your teachers, how are they? And your classmates? Let’s focus on your reality, tell us your images by filling in the form that appears in the index card.

Tell us in the form of a post card by explaining where you took the picture and what it reflects all about. Share your works by sending us an e-mail of your files with the photos on it as well as your file of your post card (you can do it by your handwriting or by using a computer) to