Solidarity Campaign Statement “We are there for you We educate together”

cartelThrough its motto: “We are there for you, we educate together”, we wanted to share to the education community of every school in some countries where the presence of the Pious Schools are located and in which where we had done our campaign,  to show the kids  these educational realities in which we worked, specially  the people  where there they developed their mission and above all to encourage them to discover their gifts, their “power”, and that those who had developed  can put them at the service of others.

To convey the message that we are all capable of achieving great progress in this laudable task, we designed a campaign focused on a gang of superheroes called “FOR YOU”, all its members were endowed with valuable superpowers like empathy, joy, knowledge, and piety .

Nº of Schools that promoted the solidarity campaign (in Spain)

Numero de colegios

Money collected to help the Piarists projects that economically are in need:


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