In the solidarity campaign of 2014-1015 we wanted to delve into the shaping force of education. It allowed us to know more about the ways in which the Piarist Schools foster an integral, accessible and quality education in hundreds of impoverished areas of the world. Remote areas which, just as in the Roman Trastevere back in Calasanz’s time, are in need of educative services standing up for its’ children’s and youngsters’ futures, many of whom live in poverty.

This campaign encouraged us to observe and learn more about the Piarist educational reality as seen through the eyes of a child, especially of those who live in poor areas.  During a whole school year we were introduced to the “trasteveres” all over the world counting with Piarist Schools and forming part of Itaka-Escolapios’ solidarity network.

More than 20,000 boys and girls from 37 Spanish schools worked in their classrooms the value of education as a driving force of change and learned about the Piarist reality in some of the most disadvantaged places of the world. Thanks to this sensitizing effort, €176,210.91 were raised for the different educational projects carried out by the Itaka-Escolapios’ solidarity network.


grafico campaña solidaridad

  El descenso que se produce en el curso 2014-2015 se debe a que en la anterior campaña se imputó el importe  recibido por el premio Norte y Sur, además de ésto el dinero recaudado el pasado curso por uno de los colegios se destinó a una de las ordenes religiosas con las que se comparte el centro escolar