They aim to present the reality of India and Kamda, place where the Piarists are for a little more than twenty years.


He invites us to pray for Kamda every morning before we begin our activities in school. He proposes seven prayers that we will alternate along the days the campaign lasts.

We pray with Kamda


Our little GPS gives us a passport and collects solidarity travel throughout our school life. It is a passport that will advance with each classroom, which will pass from course to course and will collect at the end of our stay in the school (as a classroom) all the solidarity campaigns experienced.

Solidarity passport


He likes solidarity campaigns because he loves to collect food recipes from all the places he visits with his crewmates. In this activity he presents a collection of stamps about the Piarists and the reality of Kamda.

Collection “Kamda expedition: educate, proclaim and to transform”


The one in charge of keeping the bus of the expedition ready, she proposes with a template to build a bus and decorate it with a series of murals and take a group picture.



This trip is an opportunity for her due to its cultural diversity. In Kamda she has discovered a very interesting reality related to the Munda people. She presents a typical dance, the BAHA PARAB and proposes us to learn how to dance it.

Baha-parab contest


Like the rest of his classmates, he likes to ride a bike, although he is afraid of the trails that take him from home to school. In this activity he invites us to pedal for Kamda, spreading the Solidarity Campaign and our commitment to solidarity, mutual learning and sustainability.

Pedaling for Kamda