logoschp1617engThis campaign comes at a very special moment for the Pious Schools and for Itaka-Escolapios: we are celebrating the Piarist jubilee year to commemorate 400 years of history of the congregation and the 250 of the canonization of its founder José de Calasanz. This is a year of celebration, of contemplating the journey traveled, being grateful for the long and successful history. It is also an opportunity to look forward to the exciting future for Pious Schools and the challenges of the Piarist mission in today’s world and the world to come.

Reason why the theme for this jubilee year is a triple call to action: TO EDUCATE, PROCLAIM AND TO TRANSFORM. These three verbs summarize the essence of the Piarist mission, as Calasanz conceived it four centuries ago and which has been transmitted to us today. Also, always focusing on something that is very calasancio and that Itaka-Escolapios tries to implement in all its projects: to weave the three great dimensions of the mission: education, evangelization and social transformation to empower others, with an integral vision.

In this context, the new Itaka-Escolapios’ solidarity campaign is a great opportunity to celebrate and commit itself to the Jubilee Year. First of all, because by orienting our solidarity towards the scholastic mission in an impoverished world is a way of being faithful to Calasanz and consistent with what he taught in life, after hearing the call of the poorest children. And secondly, because doing it together, in a campaign driven from several countries through the Itaka-Escolapios network, helps us feel more responsible, as part of the Pious Schools and more committed to their future.

The project to which this campaign is addressed to represents very well the principles we just mentioned. In India, Pious Schools are very young (since 1994, almost yesterday compared to four centuries of history), with a great future, but with great challenges to overcome. And within India, the one in Kamda, a small town in the north-east of Adivasi, is in particular need for support, where poverty and lack of educational opportunities are seen more emphatically.

The Kamrad School of Scholastics is already a response to this reality, but the current facilities and resources are not enough to serve the children and youth from poor families as they deserve. That is why it is necessary a strong investment to improve the conditions of this school and, if possible, to build new facilities to be able to give a greater and better response to the educational needs of the place.

We invite you to enthusiastically participate in this campaign of solidarity, feeling that we contribute to make come true the goal of Pious Schools this year: to EDUCATE, PROCLAIM and TRANSFORM, in Kamda and in our immediate environment.