After completing the campaign last year, to facilitate the construction of a boarding school in Atambua (Indonesia) we started a new adventure encouraged by Calasanz in order to discover the piarist reality in Kamda, northeast of India.

Like this, we started our KAMDA EXPEDITION. Our crew arrived and entered India in a bus, with a new member Quisap, after being left to finish his secondary education in the boarding school of Atambua.

CALASANZ: He is the head of the expedition; he is the maximum responsible for everything that happens in it. His commitment is to: fill all the corners of the planet with “Mercy and words”.

QUISAP: He was born in a nearby village to the Kamda School, where he is in sixth grade. Like his schoolmates, he likes to ride a bike, although he is afraid of the trails that take him from home to school. He is delighted to be able to share his landscapes and culture with the rest of the world.

MARINE: This young African girl, despite being the youngest of the expedition, is responsible, together with Calasanz, for guiding the group along paths and roads. She has the ability to read maps and a great sense of orientation. They call her the little GPS. When preparing for the expedition she discovered that it is a great country, the seventh largest in the world, and the second in population, more than 1,240 million people.

SUKAL: He is European, the greatest of the explorers. His mission will be to feed all members of the expedition. He likes solidarity campaigns because he loves to work with food from all countries and try all kinds of ingredients. His motto is: “you have to put salt to life”. In India he has discovered the passion of its inhabitants for spicy food; on this trip he is discovering a lot of unknown spices.

BLA: Our teenager from Central America, she is responsible for communicating and disseminating everything that happens in the expedition. She is the best in social networks. She is also very good in communicating in Morse, with than with 140 characters. This trip to India is a challenge, because there are more than 1,600 languages and dialects spoken, with totally different and original alphabets. She has had to practice a lot to speak the Mundari, which is the most spoken language in Kamda.

JIWA: She is from South America and responsible for the bus engine does not stop, as well as to keep everything ready. Her passion is to assemble, dismantle and arrange all kinds of mechanisms. She has worked hard to get the bus on which we travel to Kamda. She is very excited to travel to the country that invented ink, steel and something as simple as buttons.