canoaAfter finishing last year’s campaign aimed at improving the educational quality in Kamda (India), we began a new adventure led by Calasanz in order to discover the Piarist reality in West Africa, more specifically in Senegal.

Our expedition touches ground, and after embarking on a canoe, which will sail through the Senegal River, will present the projects of the Itaka-Piarist solidarity network.

CALASANZ Impeller of the right to universal education, leads the expedition being ultimately responsible for everything that happens in it. His endeavor: to fill with “Piety and Letters” every corner of the planet.

QUISAP He was born in a village near the school of Kamda, a place inserted in the middle of nature. For this reason he is a great lover of the environment and of the sustainable development.  Hence his motto: “green, I see you green”.

MARINE. This little girl African girl, despite being the youngest of the expedition, is responsible along with Calasanz to guide the group through paths and trails. She has the ability to decipher maps and a great sense of direction. She is a great connoisseur of the Piarist reality, which has made her a worker in favor of excluded people. From Senegal she adopted the motto: “we are all in the same canoe”.

SUKAL. European child, the eldest of the expeditionaries. His mission will be to feed all of the members of the expedition. He likes solidarity campaigns, because he loves to work with food from all of the countries and try all kinds of ingredients. This knowledge has made him a connoisseur and mediator among different cultures. His motto: “put a little salt into your life”.

BLA. Our Central American teenager is responsible for communicating and disseminating everything that happens in the expedition. She is the best at handling social networks. The same that is with 140 characters is communicated in morse. That ability to communicate has made a her a great mediator and worker for peace, not in vain her motto is “it is all about dialogue”.

JIWA. This South American is the expedition’s mechanic and “handyman”. She has a passion: to assemble, disassemble and fix all kinds of mechanisms. She knows that everything can be fixed with work and research. She knows how to find concrete solutions to large and small problems.