This year, the Piarist solidarity campaign is to take on a new and exciting challenge: we are turning our attention and efforts to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a country in the heart of Africa that embodies, perhaps more so than any other, the strength, wealth and dreams of the entire continent, but also its severe problems and its injustices.

The Piarist mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo takes place under a particularly difficult context, because of the great political instability and the persistence of severe shortages for the majority of its population.

Nevertheless, the reality of the DRC does not, fortunately, come down to just this. The DRC possesses great cultural and human potential owing to those who aspire to create a better future, one which must be built on a foundation of education.

rue to the motto of this program, the solidarity campaign places the challenges and needs of the Piarist mission in the D.R. Congo IN YOUR HANDS (or in our hands), and, with it, the dreams of so many children and young people, who are the real protagonists of our projects there.