Remembering our campaign “SENEGAL’S TREASURE”

Through the 2017-2018 solidarity campaign, we wanted to delve into the transforming force of education by promoting quality education in Senegal.  We set out to improve and ensure the education of more than 200 children and young people from rural backgrounds who attend and live in five rural Piarist boarding schools.

Sixty-four schools and Piarist cultural centers in Bolivia, Brazil, Cameroon, Spain, the Philippines, Gabon, Indonesia and Venezuela carried out work in their classrooms on the value of education as a driving force of change, understanding the Piarist reality in Senegal.

Thanks to this raising of awareness, we are able to send 226.424,51 €, that will ensure access to education for more than 200 children and young people in boarding schools located in Sokone, Oussoye, Toubacouta y Mlomp.