The Solidarity Campaign brought about by the Itaka-Escolapios Network is becoming more and more present in demarcations and in Piarist socio-educational centres. The last Solidarity Campaign, “To the Rhythm of Congo”, was supported by the participation of 78 centres from 10 countries within 8 Piarist demarcations. The campaign we started this year, “SHARING LIFE” #YouthItakaEscolapios, will be joined by a new demarcation and two new countries.

This important Piarist presence is also reflected in the videos that we present below, in which Father Pedro Aguado (Superior General for the Pious Schools), Father Francisco Anaya (General Assistant for the Circumscription in America) and Teresa Martínez (member of the General Council of the Fraternity) invite us to actively participate in SHARING LIFE.