The Itaka-Escolapios network presents the Itaka-Escolapios’ Solidarity Campaign, which has adopted the motto SHARING LIFE #YouthItakaEscolapios. This motto invites us to continue pursuing the exhilarating path with the latest youth synod, which we experienced so intensely at the Pious Schools and at Itaka-Escolapios.

The key notion in this campaign is the importance and urgency of the Piarists’ mission, which is directed towards the youngest population. This includes the Calasanz Movement as a fundamental part of it, especially the mission directed towards those who find themselves in a state of utmost vulnerability, exclusion or, in the words of Pope Francis, at risk of disregard.

The Itaka-Escolapios network is launching several projects in order to fulfil these youngsters’ educational and social needs. Through this campaign, we are aiming at a continent with projects that are especially significant: America.

On the American continent, and with youth playing the biggest part, the mission we share with Itaka-Escolapios has the responsibility of sustaining several initiatives that offer a better present and future for young people in situations of poverty or vulnerability. This includes Socio-Educational Centres and Cultural Centres in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, Brazil and Bolivia, which will be the main focus of this campaign.

It is a wonderful endeavour which we are getting to know better, and which we will support with this campaign’s resources. Our aim is for it to keep moving forward and grow as a response to the situation young people live in these areas.

The most recent youth synod and Pope Francis call on us to strengthen our social commitment. At Itaka-Escolapios we shall make it our duty to answer this call, to commit to volunteering initiatives, active community engagement and social solidarity. We believe this campaign to be a great opportunity to achieve this goal, and, as our motto says, for “SHARING LIFE”