After the completion of last year’s campaign, which focused on improving educational standards in the conurbation of Kikonka (Democratic Republic of the Congo), we embarked on a new adventure led by Calasanz that aims to discover a new Piarist reality in Latin America.

Our expedition will travel in a hot air balloon across the continent, so as to bring out the reality of the Piarists in Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

The Itaka-Escolapios expedition will travel in a hot air balloon across the American continent in order to show us the Calasanz Centres in five countries. BALLOON BALLOON
Promoting the universal right to education, it leads the expedition by being the leading manager for everything that takes place within it. Its goal: to fill every corner of the globe with “Piedad y Letras” (Compassion and Literacy). CALASANZ CALASANZ
Born in the Dominican Republic of Congo, teenager Elykia and little Esengo travel around the world telling their story and defending girls’ and women’s rights. ELIKIA y ESENGO ELIKIA y ESENGO
This little African girl has the ability to read maps and has a great sense of direction. She has deep knowledge of the Piarist reality, which has brought her to be a worker for excluded people. MARINE MARINE
This South American girl is the engineer and the “handyman” of the expedition. Her passion is: building, dismantling and repairing any kind of mechanism. She knows everything can be repaired through hard work and research. She can find specific solutions for problems big and small. JIWA JIWA
A European child, the eldest of all the expeditionaries. He likes solidarity campaigns, because he loves working with food from every country and trying every ingredient. That knowledge has turned him into an expert and mediator between cultures. His motto: “hay que poner sal a la vida” (“you’ve got to give life some flavour”). SUKAL SUKAL
Our Central American teen is in charge of communicating and raising awareness on everything that goes on in the campaign. That ability to communicate has made her a great mediator and peace worker. It is with good reason that her motto is “todo es cuestión de diálogo” (“everything is a matter of communication”). BLA BLA
He was born in a village near the school in Kamda, a place found in the middle of nature. Because of this, he is a true enthusiast of the environment and sustainable development. Thus, his motto is “verde, que te veo verde” (literally: “green, I see you green”). QUISAP QUISAP