Every day, around 5,000 children go to the thirteen schools promoted by Itaka-Escolapios in Bolivia, Cameroon and India.

One thousand of these students go to our school in the Bolivian town of Anzaldo, more than 3,000 metres above sea level. Another one thousand have to walk through wooded areas to get to Calasanz School in Kamda or have to go from the Indian Ocean coast to Villa Nazareth School in Aryanad, both in India. Finally, around three thousand attend the ten schools we have in Cameroon: Saint Michael in Futru, Saint Augustine in Mbelem, Saint Joseph Calasanz in Menteh, Saint Anthony in Bamenjou, Saint Theresa in Toba, Saint Maurice in Latsit, Saint Fabian in Mboum, Saint Gabriel in Toumi, Saint Michael in Ndang and Saint Joseph Calasanz in Bafia.

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In addition to this direct work in the classroom, there are other realities directly related to primary education in which Itaka-Escolapios is involved: the extended school-day program we are developing in the socio-educational centres in Serra and Governador de Valadares in Brazil, the centre for special educational needs in the Lomas  area in Valencia, Venezuela or the scholarship program in Central America are a clear example of this.