61 million children in the world are out of school and around 200 million are in school but lack the basic skills due to the poor quality of the education they receive.

Below is an activity aimed at working on the value of education as a force for change. We would like you to do some work at home on the realities of education in other places in the world and to help your sons and daughters to write about the children in the activity.

Click on each link to download the activity, some worksheets in which the story of Hugo, Kavita and Therese is told as a tale.

This activity can be completed with the material in “How is my school?”, an activity which, by means of interviews to several children, describes the reality of education in Bolivia, Cameroon and India.

Activity worksheet (ONLY IN SPANISH): “Education is not a tale”


Hugo, the little shepherd from Chayanta

Kavita, Veena’s daughter

Therese, the girl who wanted to be a teacher