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Barrio Impacto. Calle Miraflores nº 32-23
Parroquia Miguel Peña
2001 Valencia

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Nelyimar Pérez

Activity of the headquarters

International Cooperation Office

In the world there are 2,700 million people who survive on less than two dollars a day, which makes a change to fairer social structures essential. However, a global change of this kind starts with an individual change, a change in the way we relate to people and to objects. We need a change in values and the communication of funds and projects to make a more humane world with a focus on human dignity rather than on money.

At Itaka Escolapios we are aware of this need and of the importance of supporting long-term educational projects because they are the main transforming tool. We work in a network to improve exchange, interculturality and relations from our cooperation offices in Bilbao, Cochabamba, Governador de Valadares, Granada, Pamplona, Valencia in Spain and Venezuela, Vitoria, Yaundé and Zaragoza.

Socio-educational centres

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