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Juan de Ajuriaguerra 15
48009 Bilbao

Tlfn: 94 424 49 54

Joseba Alzola

Estacas de Trueba Youth Hostel is located in Sel de Losa in Trueba Valley, region of Burgos, 90 km from Bilbao (Basque Country).

From Bilbao, take the BI-636 towards Balmaseda. Then go towards Espinosa de los Monteros, passing Villasana de Mena and going up the mountain pass El Cabrio. Once past Espinosa de los Montero, go toward Las Machorras. After passing this little village, you will find a crossroads. One road goes towards Lunada (DON’T take this one) and the other one goes towards the mountain pass ESTACAS DE TRUEBA (this is the RIGHT ONE). After 8 km from the crossroads, you will find the fence to enter the Youth Hostel.

The Youth Hostel holds 40 people. It has heating and hot water at your disposal.

The Youth Hostel has two floors. On the ground floor, there are a kitchen, a big living room, the game room (football table and ping pong) and bathrooms with showers. On the first floor there is a huge dormitory with bunks and a smaller bedroom with two double bunks. There is an adjoining meeting room with a fireplace and TV/DVD.

Outside, there are wide fields that border the river Trueba. It is possible to go on a trip to nearby places in the area: Castro Balnera, Pas Valley, Egaña Tunnel…

The Youth Hostel can be rented completely and it is totally equipped. Renting to Educational Associations will be priority (that is, schools, non-profit associations, parish church groups…)

The cook service is not offered.

For any further information regarding prices and availability, please contact our headquarters in Bilbao (Foundation Itaka – Escolapios).