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Natxo Oyanguren

Barria is part of the village Narbaiza, which belongs to the municipality of San Millan, situated in the Llanada Oriental Alavesa (85,4 square km, 600m above sea level and a population of 713).

The municipality covers 15 villages: Ordoñana (site of the Town Hall), Adana, Aspuru, Txintxetru, Eguilaz, Galarreta, Luzuriaga, Mezkia, Munain, Narbaiza, Okariz, San Román de San Millán, Ullibarri-Jauregi, Vicuña and Zuazo de San Millán.

From Vitoria-Gasteiz (estimated time 35 minutes; distance 24,8km) take the N – 104 (towards Arkaute) for 1,7 km. You pass Elorriaga, Arkaute, Ilarratza and Matauko.

Turn right at the A – 4107 (36m), turn left to take the A – 4107 and go straight on (6,2 km). Do not go towards Pamplona or San Sebastian. Follow the indications to Ozaeta, turn right at the A – 3012 (10,2 km). You will pass Maturana, Ozaeta, Hermua, Larrea, Axpuru. Once past Axpuru, you will see a sign road (Barria 400m). Turn left to enter.

It is possible to go by bus from the Vitoria – Gazteiz central bus station. You will have to get off at Cruce de Barria (400m from the Youth Hostel). Check Bus Timetables.

The house holds 50 people. Facilities include heating and hot water. Kitchen is totally equipped (dishwasher, washing machine and microwave). There are meeting rooms with TV and DVD. Wifi is available too. As well as others Youth Hostels run by Itaka – Escolapios Fundation, there is a chapel exclusively for religious use.

The Youth Hostel has big outdoors spaces and countryside around.

The Youth Hostel can be rented completely and it is totally equipped. Renting to Educational Associations will be priority (that is, schools, non-profit associations, parish church groups, etc).

For any further information regarding prices and availability, please contact our headquarters in Vitoria (Foundation Itaka – Escolapios), sending an email to our coordinator or phoning 626060900 or 664278559. In any case, the reservation must be confirmed by our coordinator.