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Barrio Cité - Verté H10
(junto colegio alemán) Yaundé

Tlfn: (237) 22 04 59 94

Georges Landry NKOMO

Base technical:
Joel Aimé Kougnoué

The Industrial Technical School for Second Grade Vocational Training aims to solve the problems of lack of formation and unemployment, among others, that teenagers are facing today in the Hauts-Plateaux region. Feasibility studies, the education policy of the ministery and the own experience of the Piarist Fathers suggest that this kind of technical education is the best alternative to face the basic problems of the area: juvenile delinquency, unemployment, low rates of schooling, low self-esteem, lack of expectations for the future and low economic growth.

This project helps around 200 teenagers, divided in different areas: electricity, electronics, metal construction, family economy and administration.