Anzaldo school(Bolivia)

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Jose Antonio Arce 1292
Cochabamba - Bolivia

Tlfn: (591) 445 404 86

Humberto Camacho

The Piarist Fathers have been working in the school of Anzaldo since 1993. Anzaldo is located at an altitude of about 3.100 metres. The school provides service to approximately 850 boys and girls that come mainly from 69 small rural communities dispersed around the mountains of the municipality of Anzaldo (645 sq. km).

There are several small rural schools in these communities where one or two teachers provide service in various levels; however, only the San José de Calasanz school from Anzaldo offers the right conditions to those children that would like to have a good education in primary and secondary education.

In the last few years, some small schools from those communities have been closed due to the decrease in the number of students. As a consequence, the school from Anzaldo is the only one that offers an academic possibility for those who live in the communitities.

The quality of the education and the implication of the Piarist Fathers and the academic community makes this school an educational reference in the town and its surroundings.