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Stalin Nasianse

Kamda school is located in the northwest state of Jhakhand, in an area surrounded by forest. Kamda is a group of small rural neighbuorhoods with a very dispersed population of the “munda” ethnic group. This is one of many tribes by the generical name of “adivasis”. They live separated from the hindu society and their caste system. They practice subsistence agriculture and they are grouped in small and dispersed villages, far away from schools and other services. In this area there are almost no schools. This is one of the poorest area of the country, with an extreme weather that can surpass 40º C during the day and – 10º C at night.

Education is one of the best tools to improve their life conditions, specially when the literacy levels on the ‘mundari’ language speakers in this area varies between 10 and 30%, being a language not officially recognized by the State.

Around 50 boys and girls used to attend the school when it was opened in 2004. However, parents from the area were so satisfied that in the last few years some 50 new students get enrolled every year. Nowadays the school is at full operation with 500 students.