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Barrio Cité - Verté H10
(junto colegio alemán) Yaundé

Tlfn: (237) 22 04 59 94

Georges Landry NKOMO

Base technical:
Joel Aimé Kougnoué

The Piarist Fathers run schools in six neighbourhoods of Bamendjou city: San Antonio at the city centre, Santa Teresa at Toba, San Mauricio at Latsit, San Fabian at Mboum, San Gabriel at Toumi and San Miguel at Ndang.

This town is located in the west province of the country, 15 Km from Bafoussam city, with the majority of the population, from the Bamiléké ethnic group, working in the agriculture. More tan 50% of the population is unemployed, being most women out of the job market. According to data from the Diocese (the only studies completed in this area) only 65% of the children attend primary school, 25% attend secondary school and 10 % higher education.

There are a total of 1.612 students in the six primary schools , plus an infant school year.