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Paseo de los Basilios 2 bis
18008 Granada

Tlfn: 958 121 225

Iñaki González

Faith education groups are offered to all age groups, from younger kids (2nd grade of the Primary School) to adults, in order to grow as humans and figure out the meaning of being Christian nowadays.

The Youth Centre Calasanz was founded in 1982 to organize the process of non-academic pastoral activities. This process consist of different age groups, with their own features and activities; however, they all have weekend outings and summer activities: camps for the youngest, work camps for the older ones…

These are the various stages at which we invite you to participate in the Calasanz Youth Center:

  • Step by step: 2nd and 3rd grades of Primary School (7-8 years)

  • Adventurers: 5th and 6th grades of Primary School (10-11 years)

  • Artisans: 1st and 2nd grades of Secondary school (12-13 years).

  • Walkers: 3rd and 4th grades of Secondary school (14-15 years)

  • High School: 5th and 6th grades of Secondary School (16 – 17 years).

  • Catechumenate and discernment (18-25 years).