Garaiz in Pamplona

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Olite 1, bajo
31002 Iruña - Pamplona

Tlfn: 948 20 38 91

Raúl González

Non-formal education is an important part of the development of children and young people. Trips, camps, workshops, games, social commitment and voluntary work are the essential complement to basic education. For that reason, Garaiz Educational groups were created within the framework of the Piarist School.Our educational process consists of different stages with the following objectives:

  1. Teaching children and youths how to use their free time from a Christian point of view.

  2. Providing children and youths with a meeting point to promote cultural, sporting and leisure activities that encourage personal growth.

  3. Enhance social attitudes, cooperation and solidarity among participants.

  4. Encourage contact with nature to develop respect and admiration attitudes.

Our educational process consists of various stages:

  • Tipi-Tapa: introduction to the faith and Christian life (up to the age of 9)

  • Mikel Gurea: leisure time education (from 5th grade of Primary School to 2nd grade of Secondary school)

  • Bidean: leisure time education (from 3rd grade of Secondary school to the age of 18).

  • Lurberri: groups and Christian communities (youths and adults).

A team of instructors is in charge of each stage and they, as volunteers, dedicate their leisure time to educate children and young people.

Activities are carried out at the premises of the two Piarist schools in Pamplona (Compassion and Calasanz).

Likewise, we publish two magazines that work as an associative link and, in the case of the smallest children, as a permanent channel of communication with the families: “Mikel Gurea – Bidean” for children and teenagers, and “Lurberri” for youth groups and Christian communities.