Itaka in Bilbao

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Juan de Ajuriaguerra 15
48009 Bilbao

Tlfn: 94 424 49 54

Joseba Alzola

At the headquarters in Bilbao (Spain), educational groups are offered to kids from the age of seven (second grade of primary school). The aim of these groups is the integral development of each of its members and the transmission of fundamental values, seeking to ensure a continuous process of growth, human and Christian maturity.

The activities we carry out are based on the personal needs and requirements of each of their members, thus the educational process is specifically accommodated to the personal development of the child, in order to make him/her an active subject of his/her educational process.

Each educational stage is based on the following pillars:

  • Experience of God: we promote the development of a personal faith experience.

  • Social commitment: it is fundamental for us to be aware of the world’s reality, and consequently, to have an active moral attitude to solve problems.

  • Training: we encourage our members to have personal training, knowledge and analysing capacitY of the world we live in.

  • Life groups: we focus on the educational values of the group; members share their life and their growing process with each other.

  • Lifestyle: the participation of the people in their overall development, and the integration of Gospel values ​​and Human Rights is enhanced.

  • Key Piarist issues: we see the world through the eyes of the poorest and we are committed to search for our own vocation.

Our educational process is divided into several stages:

  • • Educating in values:

    • Zidor: 2nd and 3rd grades of Primary School (7-8 years)

    • Koskorrak: 4th grade of Primary School (9 years)

    • Kaskondoak: 5th and 6th grades of Primary School (10-11 years)

    • Oinarinak: 1st and 2nd grades of Secondary school (12-13 years)

    • Azkarrak: 3rd and 4th grades of Secondary school (14-15 years)

  • Proposal stage:

    • Bidean: 5th and 6th grades of Secondary School (16 – 17 years)

  • Volunteering:

    • Mugitzen: 5th and 6th grades of Secondary School (16 – 17 years)

  • Catechumenate:

    • Catechumenate and discernment (18-25 years).