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Barrio San Blas 27
20400 Tolosa

Tlfn: 943 67 03 11

Amaia Mancisidor

Faith groups are a complement of the educational and pastoral project of the Hirukide School. Our educational project is based on these pillars: faith experience, commitment, training, group, lifestyle and identity.

We start in the 5th grade of Primary School and there are the following stages:

  • Koxkorrak: 5th and 6th grades of Primary School (10-11 years)
  • Bizkorrak: 1st and 2nd grades of Secondary school (12-13 years)
  • Helduak: 3rd and 4rd grades of Secondary school (14-15 years)
  • Sendotzen: 5st and 6nd grades of Secondary school and 1st year of College (16-18 years)
  • Catecumenate.
  • Discernment.

Typically, groups meet weekly, in addition to Christmas, Easter and summer camps.