SEC Governador Valadares (Brazil)

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Rua Carlos Chagas, 66
Bairro Santa Helena - MG 35.059-130

Tlfn: +55 (33) 3225.4283

Patricia Bicalho Duarte

The educational centre in Governador de Valadares is placed in a poor zone in the suburbs of the city with high indexes of violence and drug addiction.

It is the largest socioeducational centre of Itaka-Escolapios in Brazil with 2.500 sq m, giving service to five districts of the city, with a population of about 27.528.

The buildings has three classrooms, a computer room, beauty parlour, ballroom, multimedia room, library, semi-industrial kitchen, large dining room, indoor sports centre with changing rooms, central square, covered terrace, games area, services and administration room.

The following programs are developed:

  • Entrepreneurship: learning skills for the self-employment and generation of companies. Courses for people over 16.

  • Extra classes: formation for the cognitive development and the construction of the personal and social identity. For children between 6 and 15.

  • Youth prominence: lectures, exhibitions and professional orientation aimed at the emancipation and the civic education of young people and teenagers.

  • Professional qualification: courses on professional qualification and basic work skills formation, for people over 16.

  • Socialization: cultural and leisure learning in the school for children from 10 and teenagers.