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Paseo de los Basilios 2 bis
18008 Granada

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Iñaki González

“Pechivirí” means goldfinch in the gypsy dialect. It wants to express happiness, naturalness and curiosity. The Leisure Time groups of Pechivirí arise in November 2009, after many years of work and relation of the Piarist Fathers with the reality of the neighbourhoods of Cartuja and Almanjáyar.

This ways, we consolidated the leisure time activities (excursions, summer camps) that had been carried out from 2006 in connection with the Friends Association of Almanjáyar and Cartuja and the Infant School Virgen del Pilar.

The project of “Leisure Time Groups of Pechivirí ” takes as a general aim the integral Education of children between 5 and 13 from the most marginal neighborhoods of the city of Granada, Almanjáyar and Cartuja, in the Northen District of the city; this education is carried out on their time of leisure.

This project tries to meet one of the main needs that come from the difficult context of this zone and affects directly to the most vulnerable population, the children.

We organize weekly leisure activities. We work with different age-groups which have steady monitors. Among the activities that we carry out there are: workshops, cultural trips, sports activities, excursions, summer camps and special activities at Christmas and Easter.