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The Itaka – Escolapios Foundation starts from the concept of a good education on leisure time in order to help one’s self development and achieve a good and effective transformation of our society.

We believe in an education in values that forms a balanced person, committed to their surroundings, willing to practice such good values as peace, social justice, solidarity or respect for the environment, and who is the owner and ruler of his/her own life.

The Itaka-Escolapios Monitors’ School consists of several professionals groups, (educators, teachers, sociologists, doctors…) that belong to different fields of activities in leisure time: youth and cultural associations, church movements and organizations working in the field of social exclusion, among others.

Itaka-Escolapios in Andalusia offers a course for Monitors on Leisure Time, with an official qualification.

  • Course for Monitors on Leisure Time:
    • 295 hours ( 195 hours of theory and 100 hours of training)

    • Development of a final report.

    • 100 hours of continuous training to be performed during or after the theoretical course in leisure time programs, promoted by public or private organizations.

If you want more information about the start dates, registration deadlines, syllabus or schedules, please, don´t hesitate to contact us.