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Esther Gil

Lurberri School was established in 1992 as a NGO to operate in Navarra. We absorb the accumulative and valuable experience of our teachers throughout years of volunteer work as educators. We offer useful and dynamic training, close to the educators´ needs.

We want to bring up hopeful and committed educators, who live their work as a vocation and use education as a tool to transform reality. Thus, we can provide a service to our society.

  • Leisure Time Monitors:

This course offers an essential qualification. This is the most requested course in non-formal education. This is a good plus to many further and higher education grades.

Trainees will receive appropriate training and resources to develop their work.

  • Leisure Time Managers:

The title of manager on leisure time is the complementary training for those who already have the monitor qualification.

  • Safe Food Handling :

We offer training for safe food handling, valid for camps and the restaurant-catering field. For those who are not interested in camps or in being monitors we organize and advertise regular food handling courses.

  • Introductory course in volunteering in the associative world:

This course is designed for teenagers (16- 17 years), in order to arouse their interest in volunteer work, including the possibility of a future as volunteers.

  • Other Educational Courses in Leisure Time.

If you are interested in a course please, don´t hesitate to contact us, or come to LURBERRI SCHOOL and bring a photocopy of your ID.

If you want to enrol on the Manager course, you must hold the monitor qualification and 250 hours of experience or 2 years of seniority. This experience must be evidenced by a certificate from the organizations where you developed your work.