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Juan de Ajuriaguerra 15
48009 Bilbao

Tlfn: 94 424 49 54

Joseba Alzola

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Federico Baraibar 36

Tlfn: 945 28 40 00
Tlfn: 664 27 85 59

Natxo Oyanguren

Aukera is intended to help in the emancipation process of young immigrants at risk of social exclusion, aged between 18 and 21. Aukera provides temporary accomodation, cares for their basic needs and helps them on the path to training and employability. All youths do their “Initial Professional Cualification Process” (PCPI) in an organization dedicated to job training. Aukera has four flats in the cities of Bilbao and Vitoria (Spain)

Each young boy is accompanied by an educational team from the Itaka-Escolapios Fundation, and they carry out a project of personal growth that covers all aspects of their life: health, home, economics, training, documentation, leisure… There is also a significant number of volunteers who support different activities: Spanish classes, training topics, workshops and leisure.

At the end of the process, youths are expected to achieve the following goals: a good proffesional capacity, residence and work permit, a contract in a company, good knowledge of Spanish and the necessary habits and skills to organise their life on their own.