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Joseba Alzola

The BEREGAIN program contemplates the creation of living units for young women on charge of single parent families. Individual work is carried out with each woman and her child or children, in order to achieve both her social and work integration.

The program has an agreement with Bizkaia Foral Diputation (since 2002), which main targets are the following:

  • Attending the basic needs of the family (maintenance and accomodation, health, secure environment….)

  • Offering an overall social-educational attention for each member of the family, taking care of the positive interaction among them. To achieve this, the human and physical resources of the Foundation will be useful, as well as other external resources (nursery, school, access to training courses, special needs approach…)

  • Preparing young women for an autonomous life (internalization of appropiated models, use of personal skills, employability, social project…)

  • Developing maternal skills: young women should be able to respond appropiately to their children’s physical and emotional needs, creating an appropriate mother-child link.

  • Providing educational and psychological counselling, in order to help with the emotional development of both mother and children.

  • Offering an ambulatory monitoring service to the program users, once they have finished it, to support and guide them in their emancipation process.

The Beregain program has two living units with a maximum of four young women and five children in each home. This way, there is a possibility of having a familiar unit made up of more than one child.