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Jose Antonio Arce 1292
Cochabamba - Bolivia

Tlfn: (591) 445 404 86

Humberto Camacho

The boarding school is in operation since 1994 and has 190 seats for children. It was launched alter finding that the great distances between schools and houses caused students to stop studying or to skip classes on a regular basis. In addition, parents are often reluctant to let their daughters walk great distances alone so the boarding can improve female enrolment rates in school.

In addition to securing the attendance of children with financial difficulties who live far from the school, the boarding ensures good nutrition and health care. Extra lessons and other activities organized at the boarding are also opened to other students of the center.

More and more children from the age of 6 arrive everyday to Anzaldo Boarding School, due to the gradual closing down of small rural schools in the nearby communities.