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Severino Fernández 30
31300 Tafalla

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Esther Gil


At the Foundation we consider that it is very important to have our kids, families, workers and volunteers, as well as Tafalla in general, know that the trade means that are usually employed worldwide are not ruled by justice, equity, ecology or child protection criteria. Our markets do not share their revenues in a supportive way, hence increasing the differences between north and south.

Therefore, each year the Fair Trade Week is launched every year, in collaboration with the NGO SETEM Nafarroa. The days before Christmas we arrange a stand exhibiting fair trade products, which is run by volunteers of 4th ESO. Families and teachers can buy these fair trade products, which guarantee a balance between production and commercialization.

Our goal is to make the maximum amount of people aware of the trade structures around the world, rather than to sell a lot of products.