VES (Piarist Social Volunteering)

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c/ Balmes 12
46001 Valencia

Tlfn: 963 924 316

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Camarena, 149
28047 Madrid

Tlfn: 636547778

Marta Moratona

VES project, was born in 1993, a group of young people was able to live in a labor camp with the objective of being closer to the Valencia city marginalization reality. Labor camps were going on in later years and the experience was extended during the school year. Then we realized the need to design a project that embraced this new sensibility born in the youth and provide it with continuity and consistency.

So we worked with the desire to update us with Calasanz experience, his experience with the poor children of Rome that finally transformed completely his life. The social situation has changed, but still remain in the cities “poor children” and, thank God, young people wanting to “occupy” their time with them.

From Itaka Escolapios, we choose to be an entity of mediation and take advantage of the action already undertaken by other entities in the field of socio-educational intervention with children, as we collaborate with them through our volunteers in order to be able to focus on volunteer support and training tasks. In this way, our volunteers work with children from different neighborhoods in the city, and then accompany them and form their experience and voluntary action, with a style clearly Piarist.

We believe that providing young people in our schools the opportunity to live a volunteer experience like this has a huge potential so in the future they commit from their own life choices in building a more just world, but especially discover from their volunteer experience, dedication to service from a Christian and Calasanctian spirituality.