Volunteering in the South

The project aims to provide people linked to the Piarist School an itinerary of training, preparation and Piarist volunteer experience in places and realities of the South in order to mature and increase its own social awareness.

The goal is that volunteers build on this experience as a restatement of the personal choices that advocate to a service commitment, dedication and cooperation. The Foundation Itaka Escolapios Valencia, bets for a Christian Calasanzian volunteering where young people can share faith and life, before, during and after project implementation.

In this experience, the opportunity for integration into the daily life of host communities (religious community, educational, neighborhood, parish, etc.) is also offered.

The summer work camps facilitate the collaboration with the Vice province in the development of those plans, projects and proposals requested, taking into account its analysis, feasibility, scope and adequacy. Besides, when these camps finish, volunteers can participate in awareness activities carried out in different areas of the province, on the situation faced by the southern countries and in particular on those where we work, in order to promote their involvement in plans, projects and proposals that arise.

The initial proposal to participate in this project is made to 21 years or older people linked to Piarist School with volunteer experience in educational environments, or in other areas (health, agriculture, social work, construction …) that are appropriate to the cooperation projects required by the South counterpart.