Itaka-Escolapios, based on its Strategic Plan and oriented towards the achievement of its Mission, Vision and in accordance to its Values, establishes the following Quality Policy for the whole network.

One of the main objectives of Itaka-Escolapios is to achieve the satisfaction of all the stakeholders of the network, with respect to the projects it carries out.

In line with this objective, the Board of Trustees establishes the following commitments:

  • To promote the culture of quality management throughout the organization, implementing a Quality Management system for the network and continuously improving it in order to increase the satisfaction of the stakeholders, with the measure of this satisfaction being the reference framework for establishing and reviewing of the quality objectives that are established.
  • To seek continuous improvement through process-based management, training the people who work for the network and dealing appropriately the suggestions and complaints of the stakeholders.
  • To inform, motivate and involve all the interested teams in the results obtained.
  • To support quality management and process-based management in all the Itaka-Escolapios demarcations and headquarters.

The Executive Committee has been entrusted with leading the process and carrying out this quality policy and managing the available resources effectively.

For this reason, it asks all the teams of the network and those who collaborate with Itaka-Escolapios to get involved in the continuous improvement processes and to use the services that the network makes available in correct and usefully way in order to achieve the defined quality objectives and commitments.

Board of Trustees of Itaka-Escolapios
29 June 2020

Download the Quality Policy

In keeping with the commitment to continuous improvement set out in our Quality Policy, Itaka-Escolapios has set up a Quality Committee and has obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification at the Valencia headquarters.

As one of the main objectives of Itaka-Escolapios is to achieve the satisfaction of all the stakeholders of the network, the following suggestions, complaints, and congratulations mailbox has been set up to facilitate their reception and forwarding to the corresponding teams.


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