We understand that the School is not the only training institution; there are other social institutions that strongly influence the social and individual training of the new generations. As educators, we must show them the reality they live in with an attitude focused on suggesting questions and interests on their chances of emancipator transformation demanded by the actual situation.

With this Project, which is addressed to the Schools, Itaka Escolapios wants to accompany the students in their task of “seeing the reality live in situ” and help the teachers to train the kids in Christian and human values.

The main goal is to build bridges between the School and the most disadvantaged parts of the city, where our Schools are sited, because we are convinced of the importance and educational power of the direct contact with reality. This is the leitmotiv of this project, which involves a series of activities and workshops (adapted for specific ages) which want to show the different facets of volunteership and solidarity, as well as the excluded groups and the different situations in other parts of their cities.

We propose that training on these values becomes continuous and multi-faceted from 3 years old to 18. This would allow a better integration and continuous learning of these attitudes.

In the stages of nursery and primary school, Children learn and work with the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, and each year the focus is placed on one specific article. Later, in Secondary and High School, the students work with concepts like volunteership, social exclusion, immigration, etc… and carry out activities intended to provide them a better analysis of the closer social reality.