We have been carrying out this campaign during the thirty days previous to Easter (during Lent), since 1984. The goal of this campaign is to know, to think and to support, morally and economically a social entity which works with the most disadvantaged people of our environment, the Fourth World.

During this month, donated objects are collected by the members of the Itaka-Escolapios Foundation, and the students of the Calasancio School (Escolapios in Bilbao) and people in general. Then, during the last week-end of the campaign all these items are displayed for sale in a Second-hand market or Garage Sale.

During this month we also carry out awareness activities, not only with the educational groups of Itaka-Escolapios, but also in the teaching rooms of the Calasancio School (Escolapios in Bilbao). We also intend to go beyond the walls of the School, and want to make families aware, as well as the people in the streets close to the School and people in general. To do that we conduct several activities such as objects collection, letters, posters, contact with media, garage sales…)

The members of the educational groups of Itaka-Escolapios play a main role in the organization and development of this campaign.