From 1st till 7th March 2013, Fr. P Javier Negro, new Provincial of the Pious schools of Central Africa and Frs Luis Martin and Albert Legrand, two of his assistants, visited all the communities and piarist works of Equatorial Guinea. Then they made the same visit in Libreville in the Gabon from 18th till 21st March 2013. It was mainly an occasion for them to know deeply the reality of Pious Schools in these two countries and to present to the piarists brothers the new vision of Pious Schools in Central Africa so that they can understand that the real union will be a common work. They returned with a very good impression considering the dynamism of the piarist mission and multiple possibilities for the piarist ministry and also for the Itaka Foundation. This kind of visit, according to the vision of the Provincial, will have to take place every three months for every Assistant and for he himself in order to encourage and help the brothers in their mission.

Pictures of the visit in Equatorial Guinea and in Gabon