Meeting of the two provincial congregation in Africa

From the 5th to 7th of November 2013 the two Piarist Congregations of West Africa and Central Africa met together at Libreville in Gabon to plan a common project for the two demarcations. The meeting was chaired by Father General and attended by 5 members of the Congregation of West Africa and 6 members of the Congregation of Central Africa. Father Pierre Diatta, the General Assistant for Africa could not remain in the meeting because he lost the mother and had to leave the very first day of the encounter.

The following themes were treated in view to come out with a common platform of possible collaboration:

  1. Pastoral Vocation.
  2. Initial Formation.
  3. Community Life and Permanent Formation.
  4. Piarist Ministry.
  5. Piarist Laity and Shared Mission.
  6. Economy – Administration and Management.
  7. Consolidation and Expansion within and beyond the Province.
  8. Feelings and Sentiments of Accepting and Belonging to the New reality of the Province.
  9. Collaboration between the associations of research for funds in Africa (Fondation Itaka y AES (Association Education Solidaria).

All was shared in a great spirit of openness, trust and devotedness to collaborate and build the Pious Schools in this continent of Africa.

Besides this meeting, there was another meeting between the Provincia of Central Africa Fr. Albert and the community of Libreville in order to see how to start the activities of Itaka. The answer is positive. So, we will start the activities through the creation of a group of Piarist Volonteers and other socio-cultural activities (Basketball champioship, cinema club and the animation of  infantil and juvenile pastoral in the parish and school. These activities will be coordinated by Cornelius who presented a good action plan. But tbey will be followed up by the office of Itaka in Yaounde.