Last Saturday the San José de Calasanz school of Valencia held a show organized by the Itaka-Escolapios Foundation. It was the second edition of the show, called “A family evening of circus and magic”, and in this occasion we had five wonderful magicians and many circus performers starring on it. The magicians amazed both kids and adults with their tricks and the young boys and girls of the School of Circus “Casas Santiago” from Salamanca surprised and entertained us all.

We almost had a full house during both sessions, from which we obtained the funds destined to the Casas Santiago project in Salamanca, León and other towns nearby. These “Casas” (houses) are piarist residences that offer a familiar and educational environment to teenagers who may need it.

The evening started with the magic and jokes of Kiki, our first magician and also master of ceremonies. He, while showing his tricks, introduced the other magicians: Jordi, who pulled two doves out of nowhere; Chemago, who made a ball fly and dance in the air; Le Petit Magicien, who dazzled us with his cards (and he was only 15!); and SeluXL, who showed his funny tricks with some very special wands.

Once the recess was over it was time for some circus acts performed by the School of Circus “Casas Santiago”. Forty teenagers put on their show, called “Don Circote de la Carpa” (a play on words combining the title of the famous novel Don Quixote of La Mancha, and circus related words). The show combined jokes with juggling games, dances, the use of stilts and several numbers that amazed the audience.

To sum up, it was a unique evening with great artists who made us enjoy and smile for a good cause, and we really hope the show will take place again next years and for the years to come.

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