Working visit of the Ambassador of Israel to Nazareth Centre

Saturday, 7th March 2015, Nazareth center received in its premises the visit of the Israeli Ambassador in Cameroon; accompanied by a team of Israeli experts, senior executives of IFAD and the Secretary General of the Governor of North West, it came to see what the Nazareth center presented in its application to IFAD since the EIA program is subsidized in 70% by the State of Israel.

It all started with a guided tour of the structures made by the Director of the Nazareth Centre, then an exchange with students who wanted to show their appreciation to the Ambassador, and finally a working session of two hours (02 h) during which there was talk of the historical presentation of Nazareth; then to raise its balance sheet in terms of human resources, in terms of infrastructure, in terms of the training program it hosts.

Unlike AFOP program that is funded by the French Development Agency, the EIA program Young will be subsidized by the State of Israel supported by IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development); This program is particularly of a short term duration (3-6 months maximum) for a 6 years period, and the focus will be on more practice and development of the entrepreneurial spirit of the youths; after presenting a project at the end of their training, each student will receive a sum of 2,500 US $ to realize his project.