First steps of the Piarists in Burkina Faso

The Piarist mission began in Dagara country, in Burkina Fassa towards the border with Ghana. More specifically in the town of Kopper. We have three Piarist brothers there: two priests and one in the year of internship. Next year he will start theology.For the moment, the mission has consisted in making numerous administrative procedures for our recognition and for the titles of the land of more than 10 hectares.

The parish which is around 2 kilometers from Zingane, offers us the opportunity to hold a French-speaking chaplaincy: catechesis, choir, celebration, …Our brothers take care of the daily strengthening classes for young people of school age, literacy for some.

The community must build everything, a house, an institution, get a car and above all train a good laity through the Calasanz movement and volunteering with a promising start. We are waiting for you all in Zingane.