Saint Augustine’s School of Mbelem in Bamenda

Despite the difficulties, the armed conflict in this region (Anglophone part) of the country, the health crisis with COVID-19 and the economic and social crisis that we are experiencing, we continue to maintain our educational work. The progress made in recent years is disappearing with this situation and children and young people must be accompanied to avoid a social disaster in the future.

This is not done without risks, but more than ever it is very necessary to be with our students and the families that surround us, with few resources, supporting in awareness of this worrying health situation, delivering food to the most vulnerable people…

It is true that on Mondays in Bamenda, almost nobody goes out on the street by order of the rebels, an order called “Ghost Town” to challenge the government, there are no classes.


Pictures: Joël Kougnoue, local office Itaka-Escolapios de Bamenda

Text: Georges Bissiongol, Itaka-Escolapios Central Africa