Meeting between Itaka-Escolapios AFC team and the Executive Commission

Last Wednesday 24th we celebrated a new meeting between Itaka-Escolapios AFC team and the Executive Committee, as a continuation of what we had in February.

In this special moments the world is facing, the following items were on the agenda of the encounter.

  • Evaluation of the 2019-2020 school year in Itaka-Escolapios.
  • Objectives for 2020-2021 for teams and projects.
  • Forecast and orientations for the new budget 2020-2021.
  • Strategic challenges for the coming years: formation and communication, steps towards the Fraternity…

A very nice sharing moment for all the participants seeing the differents realities where they are working.

For the Executive Committee, all members were present: Fr Javier Aguirregabiria in Bolivia, Fr Emmanuel Suárez in Mexico, Fr Joseph Kunnel in India and Constanza de las Marinas, Ander Mijangos, Alberto Cantero and Igor Irigoyen in Spain, also present Jon Calleja as Country Officer. For Central Africa team, Fr Evaristus Akem with Alex Djousse, Fr Clement Tsanga and Georges Bissiongol.