Closing meeting of the school year 2019-2020 at Calasanz de Bafia School(COSCABIC with teachers.

The closing meeting of the 2019-2020 school year in Calasanz Bafia focused on 02 focal points:
1) The self-evaluation of the teachers regarding their management of the class they were in charge of during the year, both in terms of giving lessons to the students and in terms of their ability to manage the different extra-curricular activities (clubs, the Calasanz movement) carried out with the students.
Self-evaluation concluded by the drafting of reports written by the teachers of the different classes.
2) The evaluation by the Piarist team of the BAFIA community, Fathers Clément TSANGA (school director), Frankline LITIKA (parish priest) and Patrick FOUMANE (deputy director and Itaka head office coordinator) of all the teachers.
It must be said that this evaluation emphasized the personal abilities of each one to carry out his professional work in a spirit of belonging to the Piarist mission and on the visions of each one in relation to next year 2020-2021.
However, the classes continue for our children in the 5th grade, with a reduced staff, in order to allow the students to give their best in the official exam they have to face at the end of July.